Infrastructure and Facilities

From the beginning of the day a warm welcome is essential for the better enthusiastic day in which The Shri Ram Wonder years is well-established amongst the peaceful lane of suncity in which the pleasant environment that is far away from unnecessarily noise pollution in which kids can concentrate well in the lap of the overwhelming positive environment in which schools welcomes the kids to provide the opportunities of learning, Playing, Exploring the creative sort & discovering the creative innovative portion in themselves.

A big Corridor that holds the enthusiastic chuckle of kids in which they enjoy the balancing beam & tunnels while passing the corridors the beam of their laughs filled every corner of the school with enthusiasm as well as the comfy furniture with vibrant colors & creative cuts makes more pleasing to the kids for visiting with full of joy in the classroom. A library full of lovely picture & story books that plays a vital role in the development of kids in which the room full of exploration a room named Montessori is the creative portion for kids that enhance the ideologies of creativeness in Children inclusion of our overwhelming the nurture ‘Role Play Room’ that keens the warmth of the creative sorrow amongst the growth of the kids.

The place of exploring the adventures site of kids that plays the versatility part in the growth of the kids this play school in Gurgaon having the well-equipped playground that obtains various oaths of learning like utilization of traffic rules, playing with the bicycles in which kids can learn the value of team work & sportsmanship in life.

With the charming faces with the enthusiastic ray upon their faces shines the smile while jumping on trampoline, swings, & slides that boosts the pilgrims of creative young minds & helps to accurate more in the given tasks.

The Shri Ram Wonder years Play School in Gurgaon believes to provide the warmth of compassionateness in which child can learn quicker & the facilitated environment pleased the kid for the healthy, joyous, stress-free kind of learning.