Tips for choosing a daycare center or a preschool for your children

You can’t be present with your toddlers every time. Also, you need to provide basic early education to your children to prepare them for their academic years. That’s why admitting them to a preschool or a daycare center makes sense. In this learning space, your children get early childhood education before they begin compulsory education at primary school. 

There are so many daycares and preschools in Gurgaon today. Choosing the right one for your toddler can make you feel overwhelmed. You need to analyze a lot of factors in your decision-making process such as location, cost, time, convenience, child comfort, etc. 

Before enrolling your children in any preschool or daycare in Gurgaon, consider every point that might affect their overall learning process. 

Key considerations to make while choosing a preschool 

The early learning years of your toddlers are the building blocks of their successful future. You just can’t make a compromise when it comes to their preschool learning. Quality care of children and programming should be your top concern. 

If you want to give the best early education to your children, consider all the aspects of preschool. Here are some of them: 

  1. Safety 

For an effective and interactive learning process, your children must feel safe and secure. There’s no point in sending your toddlers to a preschool if they don’t get a welcoming and empathetic learning environment. That’s why safety and security are key aspects of childcare and preschool centers.

Make sure you investigate protocols that meet the comfort levels of your children. You can even ask about COVID-19 protocols, or other health and wellness questions if you have any. 

  1. Child-to-teacher ratio 

Children need personalized attention. If they don’t get it, they feel left out which might discourage them to stay active in the learning process. The high child-to-teacher ratio in a preschool is not a good sign. Your children may not get the needed attention. 

If you notice a high child-teacher ratio or teacher turnover rates, take them as red flags. Look for a pre school in Gurgaon that maintains a proper child-to-teacher ratio. 

  1. Stimulating learning opportunities 

Your children must feel encouraged and included in the learning environment of a preschool. Holistic and interactive learning opportunities keep them engaged throughout the learning session. Select a preschool that offers age and skill-appropriate activities to keep the curiosity of young minds alive. 

  1. Cleanliness and childproofing 

A preschool must also give strict attention to hygiene and childproofing. This aspect has become highly crucial after COVID-19! If allowed, you must visit the daycare center to inspect how clean surfaces are, whether all is tidied up after meals or toys are put away after use or not. 

Hallmarks of the best preschool in Gurgaon 

If you want your toddlers to make the right start to their early education, choose a childcare or preschool program for your children that comes with these facilities: 

  • Staffed by friendly, caring teachers trained in early childhood education 
  • Provide ongoing teacher training
  • At least one teacher for every 10 children with fewer than 20 children in a class
  • Lower teacher-to-student ratios for younger children
  • A curriculum that offers a variety of active and quiet activities
  • Promote appropriate progressive skill development in children
  • Have a solid foundation in accepted early childhood research
  • Encourage parent involvement

If you ensure these aspects in a preschool, you are successful in giving the needed exposure in the early years of your children. 

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