Using game-based learning in a preschool

Preschoolers look forward to fun learning. Combining playtime and learning is a creative way to connect with the children. As a parent, you must admit your kids to the best preschool in Gurgaon that offers them an interactive and engaging learning environment. They must get an opportunity to play, learn, and express themselves without hesitance. 

Creative expression through game learning is the utmost need of every preschooler today. It helps to discover a positive vibe between kids and teachers. Also, these activities will inspire fun, creativity, and learning in the early learning days of your kids. 

Here are some of the exciting games that can help teachers at a preschool to offer an interactive learning experience to students: 

  1. Color mix game 

Children love to play with colors. They can also be used for developing fine motor skills. Teachers can play a color-mixing game with preschoolers where they have to mix the primary colors like red, blue, and green to discover the secondary colors like red, yellow, orange, etc. Your toddlers will enjoy creating new colors through games in the classroom. 

The finest preschools in Gurgaon take care of the learning needs of children. They make sure the motor skills of your little ones develop on time with these fun learning activities. 

  1. Letter hunt game 

Another interactive game teachers can use for an engaging learning experience is the letter hunt game. Children find it really exciting! In this learning game, kids have to go looking for the objects to be matched with the letter to be placed on the letter by saying the sound. 

Preschoolers can play in groups to find the objects to make it a fun time through these engaging games.

  1. Outdoor games 

Physical exercise is as important as indoor games. It helps in the mental and physical stimulation of children. Taking little ones to the nearby park to walk around and play fun-filled outdoor games can really refresh their minds. 

  1. Counting the eggs

Counting is another important skill that every preschooler must learn in their early education year. Playing the number game by running between the nest and the egg basket is a good idea! 

The teachers can place the nest with the number in front and keep the eggs in the basket to play the game. Kids have to look at the number written in front of the nest and run to the basket to pick the same number of eggs to place in the nest. It’s one of the best fun playing games in the kindergarten classroom. 

  1. Prepare your own snack 

Your toddler must know how to prepare their own simple snacks to eat in the classroom. A preschool can teach these skills in a classroom. With these activities, children can enjoy eating what they have prepared and develop healthy eating habits. 

If you are admitting your child to a renowned pre school in Gurgaon, you will find this game in its fun-based learning activities. Your kids will grow into responsible individuals after they pass their preschool stage. 

The Shri Ram Wonder Years Offers The Best Game-Based Learning Activities To Preschoolers 

Choosing a preschool or a playschool in Gurgaon that offers a holistic learning experience to students is hard to find. The Shri Ram Wonder Years is a premium preschool that offers activities related to developing values and skills making them responsible and sensitive individuals. 

Built with the legacy of providing value-based education, The Shri Ram Wonder Years ensures an exceptional learning experience for students.

TSWY’s promise to offer the best preschool education to your toddlers 

The Shri Ram Wonder Years comes with the safest, warmest, happiest, and ever-evolving environment for young learners where your children are encouraged to work compassionately with children of different abilities, cultures, and communities. It creates an intellectually engaging, responsive learning environment where every child’s learning and development needs are met satisfactorily.

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