Why do play schools need to emphasize the mental health of children?

The growing mental health issues in children are alarming. COVID-19 has made things even worse. It restricted the learning potential of kids and limited their mindsets, learning needs, and overall growth. The centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) data says that 1 in 5 children had a mental health disorder. 

To create a secure and healthy future for children, mental health education is a must in schools. It spread awareness in society and destigmatizes the backward thinking of people that usually revolves around mental health concerns.

Including mental health education in the school curriculum is a must! 

Externalities will take less toll on children if they have a strong mindset and know how to deal with them. If mental health education is provided right from the beginning, it will help young minds to cope with challenges in a much better way.

Whenever you choose the preschool for the early education of your children, make sure it incorporates all the activities and learning that support their mental health. Thankfully, playschools and middle and higher-level educational institutions are realizing the importance of mental health education. They are taking effective steps to incorporate this type of learning into their school curriculum to boost the mental and physical health of students. 

Selection of the right playschool plays a pivotal role in ensuring the good mental health of your children 

Fostering creativity and self-growth in children is the need of the hour. It can be achieved by mental health education that eases the stigma around anxiety and depression and encourages students to share their opinions in an open and safe environment.

The best preschool in Gurgaon focuses on qualitative learning and the imposition of a curriculum that boosts the child’s creativity. By providing holistic learning, empathetic care, and sound mental health education, they make sure your children stay in the best health all the time. 

Why is providing mental health education in schools a must? 

The external stress is rising day by day. It is also making an impact on the overall health of students. By choosing the right playschool in Gurgaon, you can protect your children from the disastrous effects of poor mental health. They provide the necessary learning that helps young children to overcome the severe challenges of early, persistent maltreatment, trauma, and emotional harm that limits their ability to recover psychologically from adversity. 

Here’s understand how a well-established play school in Gurgaon benefits your children by providing mental health education: 

  • Adopt mindfulness techniques that contribute to the children’s ability to be productive, regulate stress, and emotions, and promote general wellness of their mind and body.
  • Include mental health literacy into the curriculum that creates de-stigmatization and contributes to prevention, identification, and intervention efforts for a wide range of mental health concerns. 
  • Allow students to understand the concept of self-care and well-being. It encourages them to look after their own health and realize their health is in their own hands. 
  • Enable children to recognize mental health disorders and the symptoms they experience at an early stage. 
  • Provide required exposure to strategies and tools to cope with mental health challenges, allowing them to develop problem-solving skills.
  • Normalize mental illness and promote conversations around the stigma to diminish the fear once and for all. 
  • Lay greater focus on strengthening mental health infrastructure across the board 

By choosing the right preschool in Gurgaon, you choose an early education for your children that prioritizes the mental and physical well-being of your children. Therefore, select the preschool for your children wisely! 

The Shri Ram Wonder Years Aims To Foster Positive Mental Health In Children 

The emotional well-being of young children is directly related to the functioning of their caregivers and the families where they live. Since they also spend a generous time in a playschool, taking care of their mental health in the school environment also matters. 

The Shri Ram Wonder Years is a promising pre school in Gurgaon that gives the highest level of importance to the physical and emotional well-being of students. Choose TSWY if you want to ensure the good mental health of your children. Get in touch with us for admission or other specific queries.